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What to Consider Before Buying a Mobility Scooter

What to Consider Before Buying a Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters can help you to be more independent and get around your home and town on your own. If you have any kind of mobility problem, then a mobility scooter can restore your quality of life. The problem is that it can be difficult to choose one. There’s a lot to consider. Here are some things to consider before buying a mobility scooter.

1. Consider Your Own Personal Needs

If you are tall you may need a scooter with extra legroom. Also think about weight restrictions and things such as back problems. You may want to consider getting a scooter that has a swivelling seat that makes it easier to get off and on the scooter.

2. The Operating Range

Check what kind of operating range the scooter has to make sure it can go the distances you need it to. Keep in mind the operating distance can be affected by a few factors including your weight and what surfaces you drive on. Hills, for example, take more power.

3. What Class Scooter do you Need?

Which class of scooter you need depends on why you need the scooter. If you want to make short trips along pavement, then a Class 2 scooter could be what you need. A Class 3 scooter is needed to go on the road. Read up on mobility scooter laws to know what you can and can’t do with them.

4. Three Wheels or Four?

If you want to take your scooter on difficult terrains then you need one that has more power and stability. Four-wheeled scooters are good options in that case. If you are worried about how much space the scooter might take up, then you can consider a three-wheeled one. Three-wheeled scooters are easier to move and navigate in tight spaces.

5. Accessories

Different scooters come with different accessories. Some of them have canopies, while others have extra storage carts. If you are planning on shopping with your scooter, then you need to consider how you’ll manage your shopping. Some scooters come with baskets on the handlebars and trailers that can be attached to the back of the scooter.

6. What Does your Insurance Cover?

Before you can think about getting a mobility scooter you have to consider what your insurance will cover. Given that it’s recommended you get one through insurance, you should check out the policies your provider offers. These policies can cover damage, theft, and public liability. Others can cover things like punctures and flat batteries.


It’s always worth doing some research to purchase the right scooter. It’s not that uncommon for people to find themselves buying the wrong scooter and having to return it and find a replacement. Make sure you do your due diligence and you should be fine. Call us on 01704 530275 to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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