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Are Mobility Scooters Allowed on the Road in the UK

Are Mobility Scooters Allowed on the Road in the UK?

If you’re purchasing your first mobility scooter, or if you’re looking to update your current scooter with Scooty Mobility, it is important to get yourself familiarised with the laws around mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs.

Driving Mobility Scooters on the Road

You don’t need a licence to drive a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, but only certain types can be driven on the road. Depending on its functionality, a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair is either ‘class 2’ or ‘class 3’ – you can only drive on the road in a class 3 scooter or wheelchair.

A class 3 scooter has a maximum speed of 4mph off the road and 8mph on the road. Other features of class 3 scooters are a maximum weight of 150kg (without a driver), a maximum of 0.85 metres and an efficient braking system.

There are also limits to where you can drive a class 3 scooter. You cannot take them on bus lanes, ‘cycle only’ lanes or motorways and we recommend avoiding dual carriageways with a speed limit of over 50mph. If you choose to take your mobility scooter on a dual carriageway, you must use an amber flashing light for visibility and you must always travel in the direction of traffic.

If you chose to take your class 3 scooter on the road, you must follow the Highway Code and use your lights, indicators and horns as with any other road vehicles. Class 2 scooters cannot be used on the road unless there is no pavement and it cannot be avoided.

You must use your lights at night and we recommend you make yourself more visible by either wearing a reflective jacket or attaching reflective strips on the back of the scooter.

While there is no legal eyesight requirement in place, you should be able to read a car’s registration number from a distance of 12.3 metres or 40 feet.

Driving Mobility Scooters on the Pavement

Both class 2 and class 3 scooters can be used on the pavement but you cannot travel faster than 4mph. We recommend that you use pavements when possible as they are safer than roads.


Because your class 3 scooter can be taken on the road, you must register it with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

We recommend that you insure your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair in case of an accident or theft. The good news is that Scooty Mobility offer free, fully comprehensive insurance for complete peace of mind.

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