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Scooty at the TT Races in Isle of Man

Scooty at the TT Races in Isle of Man

Getting out and about, making precious memories is priceless, especially after the last couple of years having all the restrictions in place, and that is where our exclusive lightweight folding mobility scooter Scooty could help you.

One of our customers has recently sent us a photograph of Scooty at the TT Races in Isle of Man, Scooty is helping him to be able to get back once again doing what he enjoys, being able to get around the TT races with ease. He also now plans to get out and about with Scooty on many more adventures, we can’t wait to see further photos.

Scooty is also travel friendly it comes with an Airline Safety Certificate (we do highly recommend that you check with you desired airline before you travel for these rules and regulations) perfect for taking on holiday with you, Scooty is also perfect for cruising as the rear wheel width can be adjusted making to easier to access cruise cabin doorways (3 different width settings) on many cruise lines.

Scooty is perfect for days out when you need to put your mobility scooter into the back of your friends or family’s car, its extremely light weight to lift, weighing only 13kg if you remove the seat and battery, these do not need to be removed to able to fold up but it gives you the opportunity to make it as light as possible if weight is an issue.

Scooty also has a long range on the battery charge giving you a range of up to 12miles per charge, perfect if you plan visit any country shows or parks, also has 3 speed settings so you can choose your desired speed, 3MPH perfect for keeping up with a walking pace or you can choose from 6MPH or 8MPH.

Scooty also comes with a basket on the front ideal to put any shopping in, with all our Lightweight Scooty  folding mobility scooters we also include a Free Storage which is custom made to fit on the back of the seat on Scooty, again giving you more hands free storage.

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Our Mobility Scooters Plus Promise

We understand the importance of finding the right disability aids to suit your budget, so we ensure that our prices are transparent and there are no hidden extras. Discover our top of the range lightweight folding mobility scooters.

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