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Which Mobility Scooter is Best for You?


Mobility scooters can be life changing for those with limited mobility. They can make daily journeys and activities a lot easier, for things as small as just popping to the shop. There are different types of mobility scooters to suit different people. 

You must consider these things when buying a mobility scooter:

  •       What will your use of the mobility scooter be for?
  •       Where will you use it?
  •       Will you need to access public transport or other vehicles with it?
  •       How much do you weigh and how tall are you?
  •       How much is your budget?

 The most important question to think about is WHERE you will be using your mobility scooter. This is significant as some cannot handle certain ground, and some are too large to move around a small house easily. It may be useful to speak to one of our members of staff before you purchase a mobility scooter, as they can suggest one which would be best suited. 

 There are some more in depth things to think about before you buy a mobility scooter…

 Using a Mobility Scooter on Pavements

 If you’re only using a mobility scooter to travel on pavements, the most suitable should be a Class 2 mobility scooter. These are perfect for journeys which don’t have large slopes or bumps. These are a lighter choice of mobility scooter which can be used inside, making them perfect for looking around shopping centres, the high street and supermarkets. These models are also usually cheaper than those that are built for roads.

 The speed on these models is usually capped at 4mph, as this is the legal speed for you to drive it on the pavement. However, some models are capable of much faster speeds. 

 Using a Mobility Scooter on Roads

 The type of mobility scooter that can be used on roads and pavement is a Class 3 mobility scooter. These are heavier and larger models of mobility scooters. They can go up to 8mph, which is the maximum speed for using it on the road. You can drive these mobility scooters on roads which have no minimum speed limit, except for motorways and dual carriageways. The 4mph speed limit on the pavement is still required with these models. 

 The Class 3 mobility scooters are fitted with front and rear lights, indicators, hazard lights, a rear view mirror and a horn to make them road friendly. These tend to be more comfortable to drive than the smaller, lighter Class 2 models. 

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 Folding and Dismantling Mobility Scooters

Some Class 2 models of mobility scooters are folding mobility scooters. These can be folded up and put into a boot of a car, aeroplane luggage, or any other public transport. It is best to speak to your service providers to ask about any regulations. Usually the wheels and handles line up to make this easy to move. Folding mobility scooters can be heavy to lift, due to having to carry the whole thing at once. 

 Dismantling mobility scooters are made of 4 or 5 pieces. These can be taken apart for storage, and must be put back together again properly before use. These can be the easier option, as lifting piece by piece is a lot lighter than lifting a full mobility scooter. On the other hand, some find that putting them together is an inconvenience.

 Using a Mobility Scooter in Rain

 If you are out using your mobility scooter and heavy rain starts, try to take shelter until it stops or calms down. It is important that you drive extra carefully and slowly on wet ground to avoid any accidents. 

 It is only acceptable to use your mobility scooter in moderate rain, and if you have waterproof accessories to keep it protected. The main part you need to keep dry is the controls. You can buy a cover for this, amongst other waterproof accessories such as waterproof bags and seat covers. 

 Getting the Correct Mobility Scooter for Your Body

 The smaller and lighter models of mobility Scooters are usually capped at a weight around 15-20 stone. If you get a model which isn’t suitable to your weight, it can damage the scooter and will not support you properly. Using a mobility scooter which isn’t suitable for your size will invalidate the warranty. 

 You can browse our models of fold and go mobility scooters to get an idea of what you would like.